Best Channels You Should Use to Collect Customer Feedback

Customer feedback offers incredibly valuable data for businesses. With towing services in Miami Beach using different channels to collect customer feedback, there is no reason for any business not to improve their customer services. With customer feedback, businesses stand to benefit by identifying what they are doing well and which areas need improvement. If a business can ask the right questions during customer feedback, it leads to better personalization of products and services leading to more success.

There are feedback collection tools such as Net Promoter Score that can help min gauging a company’s relationship with its customers. Although the tool offers a good way to monitor customer relations, there is a problem when customers ignore requests for feedback send through traditional channels such as email. If you want to improve your engagement, you need to be a little bit more creative.

Let us explore different platforms and channels you can use, to engage with your customers, build a following, and collect vital data and insights touching on your brand, products, and services.

Live Chat

You can use live chat to collect customer feedback. Customers want a quick and direct way to reach businesses every time they have a problem. Live chat has become increasingly important for websites offering products and services. Customers like live chats as it offers sure ways to communicate with business and support teams. Live chats also have the highest customer satisfaction rates as compared to other channels of communication. You can use chatbots to send messages to people visiting your site, reply to customer questions, and collect feedback.


A webinar is typically a video workshop or a presentation hosted online with a live audience. The webinar software allows businesses to demonstrate their products, services, and features while engaging with live audiences. What makes webinars unique is the ability to collect and gather customer feedback by interacting with participants in real-time. You can directly ask participants for feedback or to answer your questions.

Social media platforms

Social media platforms have become increasingly important in offering valuable customer support and other resources. Due to its nature of promoting open and seamless communication, it offers an inexpensive way to generate feedback. If you have a large following on your social media platform, you can leverage the audience to ask key questions about your business and customer experience. Smaller platforms can also be quite efficient in gathering customer information

Community forums

There are many reasons why your business can benefit from community forums. Forums provide an excellent way to collect customer feedback on different topics. You can create a forum using different platforms such as Facebook, Discord, Slack among others, and start interesting conversations touching your business, to gather insights about your products or services. The only drawbacks associated with creating community forums are time and cost required, especially in moderating discussions and operating the platform. However, forums offer a clear channel to communicate with your customers, You will have the chance to request for feedback in a controlled way and allow your audience to be heard.

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