Google Shopping Ad Strategies to Boost Your Sales

Suppose you are running a business such as Vienna Cleaning Services and you want to roll out Google ads to boost your sales. What type of strategies would you put in place? We all love shopping online, because of the efficiency and convenience of advanced online shopping brings to customers. Businesses running their products online make use of Google shopping and other strategies to ensure their products can be discovered to the millions of shoppers all looking for these products on Google.

With Google shopping ads, the ads appear on search engine results pages when someone is searching for a product. When setting up Google shopping campaign structure, there are two approaches to go about it. First, you can use one campaign and one ad group, or you can set up multiple campaigns with varying ad groups and campaign priorities. This means your Google shopping ads will be made up of campaigns, ad groups, and product groups.

Here are some useful Google shopping ad strategies you can incorporate to get everything started in the right manner.

Create customized campaigns using negative keywords

When you create multiple campaigns, you can divide these campaigns into high, medium, and low priorities. Another strategy is to make use of varying priorities to target certain searches. To achieve the same, you will need to develop a negative campaign list for each campaign so that you can control which searches your products show up for. You will need to be creative to think of the searches that are more likely to convert, and it’s always a good idea to listen to your data.

Consider your pricing

With Google shopping ads, your ad is going to be competitive with several other products. This is the reason it’s very important to consider your pricing. Since you might be offering the same product as your competitors, mind on the price you put on your products as your product will be showing alongside other products. This means a customer will be at liberty to choose a product that is the best price for their budget.

Optimize your product pages

You need to understand that Google shopping ads will not target specific keywords. With that, it makes it even more important to optimize your product pages, so as to send a signal to Google on which keywords your products should show up for. To perform this process, ensure you make full use of keywords in your product title, page title as well as meta description, and other copies. Doing so will be very important in helping Google decide on when to show your products.

Build Your Audience

When running any shopping campaign, there will be a lot of tracking and data being collected. Depending on the type of pixel you have installed on your site, you will be able to track anyone who visits your site. Additionally, Google will keep track of similar and related persons who portray the same characteristics as your persona. You will use these similar audiences for scaling purposes when expanding your ads and campaign.

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