How to Come up with an Auto Maintenance Business Plan

business-planIf you are thinking of starting an auto maintenance shop, you need to have a business plan. This will detail your mission and growth plan. It will also help potential financiers understand your business goals better. Without a business plan, it would be harder to explain who you are. The plan also helps you stay focused on the primary goals even when things are not so smooth.  To get an idea what a business plan looks like, you can check what other companies such as  have then cut it down to suit your business. How do you come up with the plan?


Get to understand the Legal Requirements

The legalities may be different in each state but the fact is, there are licenses, certifications and insurance policies required to open the auto maintenance business. What are the tax requirements? Some motor manufacturers may require you to have exceptional skills to maintain the line of vehicles they deal in. Some may even insist on training and certifying you first before handling any of their makes. Get to know if you might require this.


The Location

To start processing any legal documents related to the business, you must have a business premise.  Some people start from their home’s garage then expand to rent a bigger space elsewhere. Check whether there are any special regulations if you want to start this way. When choosing the location, keep in mind your target clients and space’s cost.


Marketing Mode

MarketingHow do you intend to attract customers? The most effective mode of marketing is word of mouth. Start with the people you know, those who trust your skills and continue the outreach to include business entities such as transport companies.  As you expand, it’s vital that you keep sharpening your skills and specializing. When you are known for a particular service,  you will attract more clients. Before concentrating on a specific service, check the needs in the area and the competition.



The Cost

Other than the premises, there is the cost of the equipment and workers. There is also the cost of processing the required documents such as licenses and insurance coverage. The most important equipment you should have include the hydraulic machine, diagnostic tools, and the specialty equipment.  It’s also important to remember the business may not sustain itself for the first few months. Put some money aside for recurring expenditure such as rent, utilities, and salaries.

The Funding

This is an important consideration. How do you intend to get funding? Will you get a loan from a financial institution or friends or start with savings? If it is a loan, how do you plan to pay it back? Note that the business plan will help you get the much-needed funding to set up the business.

Creating a business plan may require professional help or an advisor. Also, talking to people operating the same business will help you understand the requirements, expectations, and challenges to encounter on the way.


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