What You Need to Know About Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing refers to the process of arranging your different marketing channels for towing service or any other business in such a way that the channels can work in tandem to promote your products or services. This form of marketing works to align the primary brand message that is delivered through your marketing channels and assets. This marketing exists to eliminate any disparities and differences that may exist regardless of how or when a customer interacts with your brand. It is similar or related to multi-channel marketing, except that it aligns the message you are sharing n all those channels.

There are a couple of reasons that make integrated marketing effective. While integrated marketing can differ in terms of goals, such as converting views, building brand awareness, they should all have one common goal, and that is aligning your marketing channels to present a united marketing front.

– They reach a wider audience than a single marketing channel

– They have a greater chance of being seen on multiple channels thus they keep your brand on top of your mind and help to push visitors closer to conversion.

– They build trust with visitors as they see a consistent message across different platforms

– They help save you money because assets can be shared across different platforms

If you are looking forward to building an integrated marketing campaign, there are a couple of things you must get right.

Establish your overarching campaign goals

Before you can make a final decision on what channels will be part of your integrated marketing campaign, you need to consider the goal of the entire campaign. You might have launched a new product, service, or initiative and you want to get in front of your customers. Whatever the campaign goal you have, always remember to make it smart.

Choose your marketing channels

Now that you have fully established your goals, you will have a better idea of what channels can help you reach your goals. If you have to make a choice on what channels to use, it will all boil down to what you will be trying to achieve through your integrated marketing campaign. There will be different channels to make a decision on, including advertising, direct marketing, email marketing, personal selling, sales promotion, events, and sponsorships among others.

Define your buyer persona

Every marketing channel will have a target on its specific buyer personas. Instead of defining a broad persona for your campaign, you need to define your audience by channel. Though there might be some overlap, it is wise to understand who exactly you will be talking to and which medium you will use to get your information out there.

You will then need to create adaptable marketing assets and messaging. This will come after you already have your campaign goals, target audience, and marketing channels. This is the stage where you will need to work on your copywriting, graphic design as well as other creative processes. Ensure you keep your campaign consistent and be able to repurpose any content to be used on different channels.

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